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hey ill be trained on anything u guys need
Hazard, I thought we discussed this
Need people for metro and sheriff commissioners. You must have experience

Okay so....

iEden Hazard BoardMetroYoutube Dir. posted 5 hours ago

I know alot of the board members have been slightly inactive lately but hopefully we can kick things into high gear and finish up the website and start getting patrols started. If you guys can, we need to start recruiting members via ttg, Se7in Sins, Rockstar Forums, and any other websites you can promote the can on, do it! Also, if anyone is good at editing videos, doing gfx and such, contact me. Thanks- Eden

San Andreas Stories

Posted Fri at 12:17
As many of you know, Ladboys has stepped down as owner of San Andreas Stories after the departure of many members. SanAndreas Stories will be deactivated and closed down and all members will be part of TPGG. Also we will be doing a bunch...

Truth about Ladboys

Posted Thu at 23:08
As many of you know, Ladboys has kicked a large number of high ranking officals out of SAS And made up lies to convence you that i am a bad person and to cover up his attempt to eliminate the board and take over SAS. Me and Thunder Lexar...
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