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True Passion Gaming Group had a relatively good first year to be proud of, unfortunately followed by nearly six months of dwindling website and session activity. The members responsible for contributing to inactivity, especially on the website, are also held accountable for triggering the decision to finally do away with TPGG as a Grand Theft Auto V role playing clan.


There are no intentions of running the clan ever again, but the TPGG legacy will live on in one or more forms yet to be decided on. Perhaps the freshly renewed domain will be transferred to a WordPress site for a blog, or the website will be reactivated in the near future with a blank slate of modules and pages for a community blog, GTA fansite or GTA clan/crew review and promotion site to help the sprawling community of GTA enthusiasts with finding communities that suit specific interests or skill sets. It's most likely, however, that the end result will be a combination of the few if the domain lives on. My focus, however, is preparing to start my post-secondary studies toward a Business Administration - Accounting degree at the same time as finding a new clan to pass my dedication onto, without the stress of leadership, so don't give your hopes up for any alternative form of TPGG to become a reality.

Right now, though, it's imperative that you move on as soon as possible if you still have a desire to role play regularly on GTA V and this decision has served as a shock to you. Meanwhile, those of you who applied, were accepted and simply did not use the website to sign up to the attendance lists for sessions probably can just disregard this message due to your apparent lack of interest in the world of organized GTA V role playing clans.

To make your transition easier, I have spent the last few days, pending the termination of TPGG, researching many GTA clans and crews, whether they role play, multi-game or not. The list, with links, is below:

Dark Gaming Community
Department of Services
High Life Role Playing
San Andreas Emergency Services
San Andreas Police Force
San Andreas State Police
The Grand Theft Auto Experience

As for GTA IV: TBoGT role playing, you are still urged to check out Liberty City Emergency Services, which I will continue to support however I can, even if I eventually leave, which is probable due to my obvious inactivity as a result of my loss of interest for the installments prior to GTA V in the GTA series.

Please take notice that I have not verified the activity of every single one of these clans to ensure that they are all still running at this point of time, but merely scowered their informative pages on their websites and judged them based on their alleged skill, maturity and entertainment levels, as implied or stated on their respective websites. Most of them made their current activity apparent, though, so you're unlikely to run into any inactive clans out of these in the above compiled list.
To contact me about this decision, whether it is to receive more insight or to find out where I'm going from here, please open a private message thread with me regarding the matter by clicking on that link. Of course, though, that link will only work properly if you're logged into your Enjin account on the Enjin main site before clicking it.
I hope to play again with many of you in another clan sometime soon,
TPGG Founder.
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